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Fayette County EMS

  • To respect
  • To care
  • To Serve

Our Mission: 

Fayette County EMS provides advanced pre-hospital care through the treatment, transport, education, and promotion of patient health and safety.

Our Vision:

Collaborative mobile integrated healthcare providers using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment.

 Our Values:

  •      Compassion Always exhibiting a kind, caring, and empathic nature to all patient and their families.

  •      Respect Positively interacting with our patients and their family members, our coworkers, the first responders, firefighters, law enforcement officers, other health care providers, and ourselves.

  •      Service By meeting the recognized needs of each individual which includes the public, employees, and fellow healthcare providers.

  •      Professionalism Maintaining our credibility by conducting ourselves with uncompromising professionalism and commitment to ourselves, co-workers, and patients.

  •      Integrity Maintaining responsible and ethical behavior in all aspect of life.

  •      Flexibility We anticipate changes in our own work and respond as quickly as the healthcare system needs us to.  Our past work cannot be our future work.  We are always willing to change.

  •      Honesty We tell the absolute truth about ourselves and our work.  Reporting both failures and successes with equal discipline, and seeing the views and opinions outside of our department.

  •      Safety Citizen and provider safety are always in the forefront of all our actions.

  •      Preparedness Maintaining the highest level of organizational and individual preparedness and take an active role in planning, training, responding, and scene mitigation during everyday response and disasters.

Our Goals:

  •      Maintain >95% patient satisfaction rating

  •      Improvement of dispatching the most appropriate resource(s) according to call triaging

  •      Effective management and strategic placement of mobile healthcare services

  •      Move from an emergency medical services-only model to an integrated mobile healthcare model with focus on prevention effort

  •       Increase revenue through improved processes, documentation, data collection, and efficiency



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